Professional Landscape Lighting Services in New York City

Looking to enhance your property’s appeal? Our professional landscape lighting services can transform your outdoor spaces. We provide breathtaking lighting designs that can grab attention.

We also provide a detailed preview of how the lighting will enhance your landscape. Our team will ensure exclusive outdoor lighting with expertise, experience, and top-notch technology.

We provide high-quality equipment to maintain durability and safety. To enhance the safety, and beauty of your space you can try outdoor landscape lighting services. Trimlight NYC  helps you to create a stunning nighttime ambiance.

We offer a Variety of Services for Landscape Lights in New York

We introduce specialized landscape lighting services in New York to ensure ultimate enhancement for the outdoors. Our team provides custom lighting solutions to highlight the unique features of your property. We cover every corner from serene garden paths to grand architectural accents.

Our expert team offers eye-catching design, flawless installation, and expert maintenance services. That ensures your landscape shines over the years. To create a safe and appealing atmosphere or outdoors we can give you the best lighting solutions. Let’s take a look at our popular services.

landscape lighting services

Lighting Designs

Our bespoke lighting designs illuminate your landscape’s beauty and functionality. We customize each plan according to your property’s unique features. Our team creates amazing outdoor environments with low-voltage landscape lighting. Our exclusive design and solar landscape lighting enhance both beauty and safety.


Our professional landscape lighting in NYC also offers flawless lighting installation services. We ensure your precise and functional lighting setup. Our team handles everything from wiring to fixture placement. We guarantee seamless integration of light with your landscape.


We offer expert landscape lighting repair services to upgrade or replace existing lighting. Our team carefully selects and installs modern fixtures. That enhances performance and style. We create a beautifully illuminated landscape with our magical landscape lighting services.


We introduce reliable landscape lighting repair services. It helps you to keep your outdoor lighting in top condition. We inspect lights to find any issues such as malfunctioning, electrical problems, etc. Our team fixes the issues and restores your lighting system's functionality.

Underwater and Fountain Lighting

Let's introduce our exclusive underwater and fountain lighting services. We highlight your water features with our specialized lighting solutions. We design and install lights that create stunning visual effects. It will turn your ponds, fountains, and pools into charming focal points.

Bulb Changing

To keep your landscape bright and inviting we offer bulb-changing service. We replace old or burnt-out bulbs with high-quality, energy-efficient options. That helps you to maintain optimal illumination and reduce energy costs.

Down Lighting

We bring down lighting services to create a natural lighting effect. Our creative team strategically placed fixtures to mimic the gentle glow of moonlight. That enhances your landscape’s beauty and illuminates the pathways perfectly.

Fixture Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your lighting fixtures is essential to maintain their brightness and appearance. Our fixture cleaning service removes dirt, debris, and weather effects. That keeps your lights shining and enhances light durability.


Our expert lighting maintenance services keep your lighting system performing at its best. We provide regular inspections, adjustments, and necessary upgrades. Our team ensures consistent and efficient operation of your landscape lighting. You can trust our experienced team to bring your vision to life safely.

Why are Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services in NYC important?

Outdoor landscape lighting services in NYC play a vital role to ensure safety and enhance beauty. In New York, the environment changes dynamically so the lighting needs to be suitable for all environments. Our expert team offers weather-resistant lights according to your property styles and needs. Our high-end landscape lighting services highlight essential key points to protect outdoor spaces and make them attractive. Here’s why outdoor lighting is important:

  • Increase Appeal: Our well-designed lighting solution showcases your property’s unique features. It adds value and visual appeal to your space.
  • Increased Safety and Security: Proper landscape lighting services deter intruders and illuminate pathways. That reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Extended Outdoor Usability: Proper outdoor lighting allows for the enjoyment of outdoor areas. It helps to create the perfect evening event for entertaining and relaxation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our modern low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting is designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient. It effectively reduces energy consumption and costs.

Best Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services Near You

Looking for the best landscape lighting services in NYC? Look at our premium outdoor lighting services. Our expert team provides top-notch lighting solutions according to your property needs. Trimlight NYC transforms your property with customized lighting solutions to enhance beauty and security. Call us at 212-301-7676 to illuminate your landscape and enjoy the finest services.